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How to delete entries from a hash (associative array) in perl


I need to remove some elements of my hash in perl. Using undef seems not to work.
How do I do it other than copying every valid element into a target hash?


Indeed undef will not work.

See the snippets below for a solution of your problem. It involves delete

my %months = (
   'Jan' => 31,
   'Feb' => 28,
   'Mar' => 31);
 # this kills the whole hash
 undef %months;
 # this does NOT work
 undef $months{'Feb'};
 # this does not work either
 $months{'Feb'} = undef;
 # this deletes entry 'Feb':
 delete $months{'Feb'};
 # this is equivalent to deleting the whole hash:
 foreach $key (keys %months) {
   delete $months{$key};
 # this will also delete all keys:
 delete @months{keys %months}
 # another way to empty the hash
 %months = ();

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