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Dating scammer Evelyn Robert from Lagos, Nigeria


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2006-12-01, 12:08:21
anonymous from United States  
This girl is a scammer same as above!!!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)

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2006-12-05, 11:38:03
anonymous from United States  
This girl is a scammer from!!!
2006-12-15, 20:28:35
anonymous from United States  

2006-12-15, 20:29:14
anonymous from United States  


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2006-12-20, 07:04:43
anonymous from United States  
Hello, I'm the unfortunate woman who was scammed by Maxwell for $11,000. I hate this man! He is a human parasite. He also goes by the ID's,;; He owns a mansion and many nice cars over in Nigeria as a result of all his scamming from American. This man is slick. He will tell you that he swears on God and his own daughter that he is NOT a scammer. Do not believe it for one minute. This man is a total loser and I will NEVER trust another soul as the result of this unfortunate incident

2006-12-20, 07:06:47
anonymous from United States  
Oh, here is another picture of He is a total piece of crap. Do NOT correspond with any man whose name is Maxwell from
Oak Harbor, Washington. He is all over the Internet scamming 100's of women.

Keywords: man glasses
2006-12-23, 18:14:41
anonymous from Belgium  
2006-12-23, 18:15:04
anonymous from Belgium  
2007-01-04, 19:45:46
anonymous from United States  
Here's a scam for you. This woman is beautiful but don't be fooled. She loved me and called me her fiance' after the 3rd email. Her scam was father died, left $15M USD, mom got sick and needs money for hospital bills. Guess where? Lagos, Nigeria. Her name that she uses is Loly Williams. I found her on a dating service website, claiming to be from my home town, but when I questioned why the dating service page listed her as being in the USA, why was she living in Benin, W. Africa. She took me for 2300 USD. Check out the conversation:
jeffsh_5817: Hi My Love! I am here... A little bit early! Waiting for you!
jeffsh_5817: Hi sweetheart!
loly_4j_eff: Hello Honey How are you today?
loly_4j_eff: Have been Thinking About you All day
jeffsh_5817: good now.. I have missed you !
jeffsh_5817: me too.. All I can think about is us being together...
loly_4j_eff: Give me a Minutes
loly_4j_eff: Aight Am back Honey
jeffsh_5817: ok
loly_4j_eff: So Honey How was your day?
jeffsh_5817: busy.. lots of running around, but I am home now...!
jeffsh_5817: How about You?
jeffsh_5817: You ok?
loly_4j_eff: Okay Honey well i Have been Thinking About you since Morning
loly_4j_eff: i Just wish we Can spend the Christmass together
jeffsh_5817: did you get my messages on your new email account?
loly_4j_eff: i havent checked my mail yet
jeffsh_5817: I sent you a couple of messages yesterday.. it is old news now though...
loly_4j_eff: yeah i know
jeffsh_5817: With your letter that you sent me, and all of what you told me... It looks like our situation will be abit easier?
loly_4j_eff: i saw the emails
loly_4j_eff: yes hun
loly_4j_eff: it would be much easier for us now
jeffsh_5817: I can't believe somebody gained access to your email and IM account? How did you find out?
loly_4j_eff: the attorney told me a bit
jeffsh_5817: how did they find you?
loly_4j_eff: And also someone checked the emails i havent checked
jeffsh_5817: really? wow that is scary...
loly_4j_eff: yeah it is
jeffsh_5817: your new one is safe now, though, right?
loly_4j_eff: yeah Honey
jeffsh_5817: So tell me about what the attorney told you...
loly_4j_eff: He told alot of things!
jeffsh_5817: How is he going to make contact with you?
loly_4j_eff: I Gave him my new email
jeffsh_5817: share your story...
loly_4j_eff: Hmm
jeffsh_5817: just what you have been told by the attorney...
loly_4j_eff: The Attorney Said we need to get the Funds of my Late Father to me
jeffsh_5817: not anything that you are uncomfortable talking about... I don't want to upset you...
loly_4j_eff: And also said he Planned with my uncle to Take all the Money away
jeffsh_5817: How is he going to get these funds to you and will you have some of it by the time you come out here?
loly_4j_eff: But now he Appologised to me and confessed to me That he has Realise His mistakes
jeffsh_5817: Did you tell him of your plan to re-locate to USA?
loly_4j_eff: Yes i told him
jeffsh_5817: what did he say about that?
loly_4j_eff: I Told Him about you
loly_4j_eff: and he was surprised cos
loly_4j_eff: Is good to hear That i have a Man
loly_4j_eff: in My Life
loly_4j_eff: i guess is Happy becos he believes once i have a husband i can utilise the Money very well
jeffsh_5817: A man that loves you very much and wants to take care of you and look out for you!
jeffsh_5817: Do you know how much is coming to you? You were talking like you were going to buy a house....
loly_4j_eff: Offcourse he said we Need to start the Documentation will start on monday

loly_4j_eff: Yes the Whole Funds is $15,Million Dollars
jeffsh_5817: What? 15 million USD?
jeffsh_5817: or 1.5 million?
loly_4j_eff: Yes
jeffsh_5817: 15?
loly_4j_eff: 15 Million USD
loly_4j_eff: Yes
jeffsh_5817: HOLY COW
loly_4j_eff: Honey we will spend out Lives together
loly_4j_eff: And i want you to Handle everything
jeffsh_5817: You still want me now that you are rich?
loly_4j_eff: Becos i believe you are the wise and Honest Man
jeffsh_5817: This is really true? Do you believe this attorney?
jeffsh_5817: Did you know that your father was rich?
loly_4j_eff: mum always talked about him
loly_4j_eff: then
loly_4j_eff: but thgere was no hope of hearing from him
jeffsh_5817: so you know this is true that this amount of money is real and is going to be turned over to you?
loly_4j_eff: yes sure
loly_4j_eff: i saw the certificate of Deposit
jeffsh_5817: I can't believe this.....
jeffsh_5817: deposit... to where?
loly_4j_eff: Mee too honey
loly_4j_eff: In A security Company in Holland
jeffsh_5817: in your name?
jeffsh_5817: or is that what the attorney is going to work with you on... the transfer of the funds to you?
loly_4j_eff: yes
loly_4j_eff: Is still in Dad's Name But in his Will

jeffsh_5817: Where is this attorney..? What country?
loly_4j_eff: He left an instruction That untill i find a True Man That i want to spend the whole of my life with then i Am Free to Get the Funds
loly_4j_eff: The Attorney is in the U.K
loly_4j_eff: Right now
jeffsh_5817: so this attorney contacted You? and he contacted you because he knew of us?
loly_4j_eff: No
loly_4j_eff: He Just contacted me and Confessed to me
loly_4j_eff: Then i told him about you
jeffsh_5817: but if you didn't have a man in your life, you would not get this money?
loly_4j_eff: Yes
jeffsh_5817: I still can't believe this...
jeffsh_5817: You are probably very surprised too...
loly_4j_eff: Is Like a Dream to me too
jeffsh_5817: Did he say how long this transfer process is going to take?
loly_4j_eff: Honey He said Within 2 weeks if the whole Documentation dosent Take's time
loly_4j_eff: The Documents are very Neccessary & Important
jeffsh_5817: Sweetheart.. This is unbelievable.. make sure that this news is true...!
loly_4j_eff: Honey is True
jeffsh_5817: You must keep very close contact with me and let me know what is going on and what you are doing...
loly_4j_eff: I Know so There is no Doubt about it
loly_4j_eff: Yes Honey
jeffsh_5817: I LOVE YOU!!! This is going to make it so much easier for us to be together... so much easier for us to be comfortable and to make our plans work so much better!!!
jeffsh_5817: I make a good living here in US, but nothing near this kind of money...
loly_4j_eff: Like how mcuh do you earn per-Year
jeffsh_5817: 62,000 USD per year
jeffsh_5817: I have nice things but I am in debt for it...
loly_4j_eff: How?
loly_4j_eff: And why?
jeffsh_5817: things here are expensive and I get paid 2 times per month..
jeffsh_5817: I have a house which I make payments on
loly_4j_eff: Honey I Will Chat with you tommorow by 12-Pm my time Tommorow Alright?
loly_4j_eff: Oh you owe a House
loly_4j_eff: ?
jeffsh_5817: 12 p your time is 4am here? you can't talk now?
loly_4j_eff: i need to Go now
loly_4j_eff: i am Almost Late for the Night Vigil at church
jeffsh_5817: why? we just started talking...
loly_4j_eff: I Am a very God Fearing Lady
jeffsh_5817: can you talk when you get back?
loly_4j_eff: Honey i am the Leader of the Bible study
loly_4j_eff: Yes i will be back Late tonight
jeffsh_5817: ok, but can we chat when you get back?
loly_4j_eff: yes Honey
loly_4j_eff: Bye i Luv you
jeffsh_5817: you need to go now?
loly_4j_eff: :x
loly_4j_eff: yes am sorry hun!
jeffsh_5817: tell me when you will be back online so I know when to check?
loly_4j_eff: in 4 hours
loly_4j_eff: i will miss you hun
loly_4j_eff: bye for now
jeffsh_5817: 4 hours? OK.. that will be 5p. my time...
jeffsh_5817: miss you to darling.. I LOVE YOU

2007-01-04, 19:46:48
anonymous from United States  
Here's a scam for you. This woman is beautiful but don't be fooled. She loved me and called me her fiance' after the 3rd email. Her scam was father died, left $15M USD, mom got sick and needs money for hospital bills. Guess where? Lagos, Nigeria.

Keywords: blonde blue bikini
2007-01-04, 19:49:53
anonymous from United States  
Here's a gorgeuos woman... mmm... from Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Her sob story? Husband beat her, she lives with mother, Dad died in 'accident' (never did find out what happened) has inheritance, needs account to wire money to. Her name that she used: Flora Williams Smith - found me on sent me an email and 2 days later, she's calling me her husband

Read the email she sent me:

Hello My Jeff Devoted Husband
Thanks so much for your lovely message and i really appreciate and am so happy to have you with all my heart and my soul baby...Am always feeling so much about you whenever am alone at home and holding your photos with me and mum is also sending her greetings to you and i hope to meet you online by 4.00pm my time to chat with you here and i hope you are feeling fine and everything is going smoothy with you there now my love..I have so much inside my heart that it keeps me from breathing sometimes. I know we just met but these feelings that I have for you keep glowing and growing every day. Now that I am with you, I sleep thinking about you and the next morning I wake up smiling.It's amazing how you got me and trapped me.Let me start off by telling you what an amazing man you are and that you fill my life with joy and satisfaction and my heart with love and happiness.You know i was having problems with my connection and am going to get here by the assual time will always meet by 4.00pm okay my love.
Now I am positive that there is no one in the world that could complete me like you do or even come close. Love seems more real and true than I ever thought it could and I just want to say thank you, thank you for being persistant in your fight to win my heart because you have won it and me over completely - my heart is yours forever
Hunnie i will be waiing for you to come online as soon as my time baby..I Love you so much with all my heart and as soon as you get online and if you did not meet me here you can go to the bank to redraw the money from your account and send it to my information with you Jeff..I Love you so much and you will have to redraw 1,000$ that is the amount the manager told me that he have transfer into the account my love...Take care and have a lovely time with you there...Bye

Keywords: black hair red top
2007-01-09, 02:32:20 from Nigeria  

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am Mr.Chug Frank Lee,Senior credit officer of the
Dah Sing Bank Ltd.I have a concealed business proposal
for you.After the United State and Iraqi war,our
client Hatem Kamil Abdul Fatah who was the deputy
governor of Baghdad in Iraq and also business man made
a numbered fixed deposit for 12 calendar months, with
a value of Fourteen Millions United State Dollars
only,in my branch.Upon maturity several notice was
sent to him, even after the war late this year. Again
after the war another notification was sent and still
no response came from him. I later find out that the
Governor has been assassinated in Baghdad.

The websites below is a verification of the news about
his death:


After my further investigation it was also discovered
that Hatem Kamil Abdul Fatah did not declare any Next
of Kin in his official papers including the paper work
of his Bank Deposit. And he also confided in me the
last time he was at my office that no one except me
knew of his deposit in my bank.

Meanwhile,With my investigation and the verification i
have made,I was to understand that no staff of the
Bank knows that Mr.Hatem Kamil Abdul Fatah has no Next
Of Kin to Claim the Fund and no one will ever come
forward to claim it.What bothers me most is that
according to the laws of my country Banking Sector,at
the expiration three years the funds will revert to
the ownership of the Hong Kong Government if nobody
applies to claim the funds.

However,I am contacting you as a Foreigner to Present
you to my Bank,as the Next of Kin to Mr.Hatem Kamil
Abdul Fatah for the Claim of his Fund.To Facilitate,I
want you to know that I have perfected all arrangement
to Transfer this Fund out of my Bank and every
modalities have been worked out for a successful
Transfer.I have possession to the Fund but as i Civil
Servant i cannot Operate a Foreign Account and a Need
a foreigner to Present to Receive the Fund as a Next
of Kin to Mr.Hatem Kamil Abdul Fatah,that is why,i
need your assistance.Be assured that every Legal
Documents,to Back you up for the Claim,will be
provided,for a successful Claim.

Please endeavor to observe utmost Confidential in all
matters concerning this DEAL(Transaction).Mode of
sharing in the ratio of 60% for me and 40% for you.If
it Interest you,please send me your full particulars
including your private phone for easy communication
and I will provide you with more details of this
transaction,aswell as my particulars.Note,This
Transaction is obsolutely Risk Free,as long as
absolute confidential is maintained.Note,I am in still
in active service,as a Staff of Dah Sing Bank Ltd.

Your earliest response to this letter will be
Yours sincerely,

Mr.Chug Frank Lee.

contact me with my email address,

2007-01-14, 19:06:02
[hidden] from United States  
has anyone talked to a Benn Crush? he says he is from whitehorse, yukon territory, canada. thanks!
2007-01-15, 07:11:11 from Stuart in Florida, United States  
this person scammed me

2007-01-16, 01:06:20   (updated: )

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