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Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana


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2010-01-01, 16:02:45
Slyfox from United Kingdom  
@ shaft from Australia

Happy New Year!

Why don't you have a look at her connections on Yahoo and see who she has been talking to? I think those people need to be 'warned' about this scammer, and I think you will be surprised that there's men and women on there!

She/it must be connected to a lot of people on Yahoo? But they need to know who they are talking to don't they?



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2010-01-05, 15:51:57
anonymous from United States  
This man was Honest Derick supposedly from Alabama,was madly in love with me in just a couple days, ' couldn't Live without me', 'lived only for me ' blah, blah blah. all the sweet words a lonely person loves to hear. Then after only 2 weeks of Im , suddenly, needed $300 to pay his internet bill or we wouldn't be able to talk anymore. Yet, the money had to be wired To Accra Africa because he was there on business with his 5 year old daughter he was raising all alone as a widow. When I refused to send him the money he became very angry and said' don't you care for me at all'/ 'I am so sad ' with all of these big sadfaces all over the page. He continued to escalate until I finally disconnected the call. Ladies BEWARE. I reported him to the dating site he was posted on.

2010-01-06, 10:53:14
Scammer Frank Ellis claimed he was a widower with 8 year old son Kelvin. Lives in Kent and is originally frro New Zealnd. Said they were in New Zealand for Christmas and then flew to Accra in orde to purchase gold and uncut diamonds. Yes apparently taxi driver drove off with lap top, play station etc. How stupid am I sent him a lap top, I should have known. Dont let him catch you.
2010-01-24, 15:32:48   (updated: 2010-01-24, 15:49:22)
anonymous from United States  
does anyone know this man? he is ruthless. goes by Sam Percy and is raising a nine year old girl Lisa by himself. Says he was born in France but raised in Victoria Australia (of course he sounds like a Nigerian) He is buyijg gold in Ghana Anglogold company and needs money for document, shipping and food, phone everything. He does not care about anyone else but himself inspite of all the scriptures he quotes. He will let his daughter call you mommie and he will call you 3 times a day. He seems sweet and dedicated but his stories never match. He has a disabled sister called Augustina, Tina or Anita in Australia and he is living in Ghana with a contractor named Petrus Maphanga from South Africa. He wants you to send the money to Fidel Imoro who is Petrus secretary. Just don't. Believe me he is ruthless.
2010-01-24, 16:15:06
Slyfox from United Kingdom  
2010-01-05, 15:51:57
@anonymous from United States

2010-01-06, 10:53:14

2010-01-24, 15:32:48 (updated: 2010-01-24, 15:49:22)
@anonymous from United States


Please do not read into any of this Bullshit! You need a huge Bullshit Alert button! They are 'Scammers', DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT send any money!


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2010-01-30, 11:14:42
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@2010-01-29, 23:07:16

2010-01-29, 23:08:10

2010-01-30, 00:26:44

2010-01-30, 00:28:31

Please dont post women profiles ore pictures at male threads..
there is threads that you can post these pictures where you can
do that instead,..on datingscams..

i will spam these 2 postings from this thread becuase they are posted
on another thread also...

2010-01-30, 19:28:03
anonymous from United States  
i recieved a email from lake moon he was looking for a serious relationship.he had a 7 yrold daughter mary within a few days he called crying mary fell down the stairs and he needed money until he got his pay from the government he said he was a road constructor and was going to be paid by the government .did not speak well english at all. asked for money ,was pushy for the mtcn # from western union.of course i pretended to send it . thankgod i was a smart one. he was good,but i caught on right away .i confrontrd him ,he would log off acted like it was poor connection.............lake moon

2010-02-13, 01:56:16
anonymous from United States  
Gary Russell, male dating scammer for sure . Info he gave me is similar to previous reported comment on Dubai finishing up a 3 year contract on a construction job and wanting to relocate to USA in florida where he says he is from, fort myers. email address is and on Mate as bluesky48894/48 years old with pic of himself? and his son. He also requested money be sent, after an on line and phone relationship of only 3 weeks, stated in first email what he was looking for which was marrage and that he was a catholic christian and wanting a women with the fear of God was most important to him. He emailed poetry written and gave a history of being raised by mom who married a french man who she later found to already be married with 3 grown kids. states he was raised in the way of the lord, his mom died of lung cancer and his wife killed 3 years ago in a 'bloodie car accident'. He bid on a contract in Dubai since his only living relative, an aunt lived there and he needed someone to help care for his son, now 12 and named Emanuel. the picture he sent me was the same as sent to 2 others one under Gary and one by name of Jeff Coleman both on this site. He also sent me 5 money grahms of $985 each and wanted me to cash and send money to him, the money grahms were fake, and when I told him this he said they were given to him by someone in payment for money owed him, he never said what for, and he wanted to find out for sure if they were fake and knew if they were, the bank would be able to tell. It was shortly after this that he scanned me a copy of a check for 960,000 he received for payment on 3 year contract and said he would get 450,000 more upon return to the states and that he could not cash in Dubai because of their banking system there. He told me that he got his last monthly check also but had spent it mostly on paying for his son's remaining school bill, rent and such so there would not be a problem when he was gone. He was planning on returning in the spring to get his son after his school was done. He wanted me to western union $ to help pay for his airfare home and to pay off a lean on his passport placed by a car rental accident that he owed yet.....such a long detailed story but the man cut off communication after it was apparent that I would not sent $ to help. Beware of this man, he is a smooth talker and knows how to hit the heart strings. This all occured over a months time from Jan 11th this year 2010 to just 2 weeks ago. BEWARE of GARY RUSSELL
2010-02-19, 07:06:17
anonymous from France  
Arthur Matthews
I'm german and since a few months member of a dating site called parship
he told me he lives in Avon with his son Sam.
He had to go to Ghana after some e-mails and some days of msn-chat.
He told me he loves me, I'm the only one ......aso.
He send me flight and flight number
afterwards the contract for a project of 2000 0000 Pound Sterling
from Ghana Government
after some days in Ghana he asked me a loan of 4000.-Euros for his project
when I didn't give him money he told me his son had an accident and sent me
some cruel photos
2 days later he asked me for money for an operation and hopital costs.
I stopped the contact at once
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2010-02-19, 07:17:25
anonymous from France  
Arthur Matthews 0023 32 79 84 21 44
in Accra, Ghana

He is member of the a dating site called parship
his registration number there is PS5EZV8P
with the this photo
2010-03-02, 17:35:28
anonymous from United States  

2010-03-16, 15:11:09
anonymous from United States  
I was scammed around this tiem last year by a guy that called himself Mark 'Lucky' Smith. I was stupid as well. I sent him an Iopd touch and a total of 1,000 dollars in cash. Lied to me and told me that he lived in Conneticuit and owned his own construction company and he was in Nigeria working and got stuck and needed money to get back home. I will nver date online again. I'll just meed the natural way. In person when I'm out and about.

2010-03-24, 17:26:24
Madam Jones from Wichita, United States  
I wanted to add that this scammer using the name 'Reed Baxter,' is also using the name Mark Green. I have a photo and it is the same guy. He was 50, widowed, but divorced on the second marriage, no kids, from Clinton, Missouri. I have a lot on my blog about 4 scammers and more info. I also have saved emails, etc. Notice, I said scammers because they all 4 asked me for money. The photo is below:
2010-03-24, 17:26:24   (updated: 2010-03-24, 17:45:06)
Madam Jones from Wichita, United States  

See that this photo of Mark Green is the same guy as Reed Baxter.
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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