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Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana


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2006-11-09, 09:02:12
anonymous from United States  
this is also fred williams
2006-11-09, 09:52:29
anonymous from Canada  
This is another Fred Williams and his son is in the picture as well. I have been talking with Fred for almost a year and have just had a very rude awakening! Wish it had come sooner, would have been a lot less expensive.
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Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana

2006-11-09, 12:51:02
anonymous from Canada  
this is profile of fred williams who first got in touch with me THROUGH DATE.CA, of course when I became suspicious got in contact with and they said it was suspicious billing, but stupid woman was hooked and kept on talking! (me that is)

Keywords: letter
2006-11-10, 05:18:27
anonymous from United Kingdom  
beware all people who have been approached through email, you are at risk of having your files searched and your i.d. taken over........if it sounds too good to be true,,,,,it usually is? remeber you never get owt for nowt!!!!!!! just reading through some of the above notices and my words of advice are , only use reputable companies for meeting people, and look down your local paper ,trawl through internet for further info when signing up for things to make sure these people purporting to be the love of your life actually do exist.
2006-11-10, 17:52:58
anonymous from United States  
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana

Keywords: small photo of man
2006-11-13, 15:16:48
anonymous from United States  
here is another scamer

2006-11-15, 20:33:09
anonymous from United States  
I know the Thomas Mends in the picture, someone has stolen his pictures and his know a little about him. The man in the picture the real Thomas is not a scammer.
2006-11-17, 06:28:35
anonymous from United States  
That comment above is the fred williams i know,the broken english,of course its not the reaL PICTURE we are not idiots YOU use the pictures of innocent people
2006-11-17, 20:21:11
anonymous from Peru  
Of course the man of the pic is not a scammer these pictures are being used by a scammer of Accra in Ghana he claims to be Thomas Mends, and he is a scammer because he asks money and many devices and he says he deals with gold. I have been scammed by him. He uses the following emails:,, And the man of the pictures, his name is not Thomas Mends, of course he is not, these pictures are being used by a ghanain scammer.
This image was also posted here:
Letter and photos from scammer
Scam artist Joel David Collins from Lansing, Michigan
Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Osai Williams from Ghana

Keywords: man
2006-11-17, 20:22:19
anonymous from Peru  
This is the ghanaian that is using the pictures as Thomas Mends - I have more do you want more, all ghanaians guys that contact you by dating sites are scammers, all of them need money for medicines, to come to you, to pay hotel bills and so for. I have been scammed by this ghanaian using the name of THOMAS MENDS. buy I will destroy him, he doesn't know me, I will do. SURE !
2006-11-17, 20:45:48
anonymous from Peru  
THOMAS MENDS : Why Didn't you Answer me
me : i was busy
THOMAS MENDS: oh i see
THOMAS MENDS: so are you going to send the money or ?
me : you always speak about money Tom
me : why that?
THOMAS MENDS : Bcos I need to Solve things out and be with you soon mylove
me : the company you work for doesn't pay you, what happens?
THOMAS MENDS : i need you send me money because I got to pay things here
THOMAS MENDS : that is why mylove
me: you are so frankly to talk about money
me: i don't know what to think
THOMAS MENDS : bcos i am a honest person
THOMAS MENDS : and i dont hide things
me: if someday i am with you, tell me, you never have monery, what kind of man are you?
me: i would have to pay all yur things
me: i will have to afford all your expenses ?
THOMAS MENDS : What do you take me for?
THOMAS MENDS : i will rather pay for your things
THOMAS MENDS : not you okay
me: i am so confused, i don't know what to think of a man that is always asking money
me : you are always asking money to me, to a woman you don't know.
me : i ask you to see you on a web cam and you always says you don't have a web cam, what can I think about you Tom
THOMAS MENDS : and i can pay all of these to you mylove
THOMAS MENDS : bcos i love you so much
me: Tom i want a man that be responsible of his acts and for his duties
THOMAS MENDS : oh yes mylove
THOMAS MENDS : plz tell me if you dont wanna help plz
THOMAS MENDS : and stop looking down n me
THOMAS MENDS : i dont like it babe
me : so do you mean if i don't help i have to stop looking down to you?
THOMAS MENDS : what i mean is that tell me if you dont want to help me
THOMAS MENDS : and stop leting me feel like am useless okay
THOMAS MENDS : am a very honoured person
THOMAS MENDS : and i have much more than you
THOMAS MENDS : you wll see that when i come okay
THOMAS MENDS : why do you have to say i am not responsible
THOMAS MENDS : i love you mylove
me: i didn't tell you were not responsible
THOMAS MENDS : it okay babe
me: i told i want a responsible man
THOMAS MENDS : and i am if you realy wanna know okay
me: let me see my love
THOMAS MENDS : you send it now mylove?
me: Tom i can't now
me: i just have to pay my obligations
me: if i send i wont be able to pay things here
THOMAS MENDS : okay let say nothnig came mylov
THOMAS MENDS : i need USD 800, I want to buy my ticket to go to see you there at your place

2006-11-18, 13:25:49
anonymous from United States  
A friend of mine was in your country several months and contracted herpes from a female there goes by name Grace Kwakwe call girl/hooker. She also stole money out of his wallet. my friend now going HIV test because her heard rumor she might be positive. Accra north where took place
2006-11-18, 20:38:56
anonymous from United States  

2006-11-18, 20:44:55
anonymous from United States  
This man goes by the name Stephano Bentivegna. He is a Ghana Scammer! he said he is from MILANO, ITALY working in Ghana on road construction with Frigo LTD. He will sweep you off your feet and tell you sob stories of his family and he doesnt believe in credit cards. He will tell you he needs to be with you and if you send him 1/2 of the plane fare, he will pay you back once he lands in the U.S.

The photo above this one is also him....please look!

Keywords: man black leather jacket
2006-11-19, 13:43:02
anonymous from United States  
you have dating scamer there named Grace Kwakwe she has std according to orther people that live there
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