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Fixing a broken GDB file


My *.gdb file is damaged. When I run gfix, I get this error message:

database file appears corrupt ()
-wrong page type
-page 469 is of wrong type (expected 3, found 0)

I tried -mend, -full etc. all the combinations, but no luck with the *.gdb file. Can I ignore broken pages with gfix from my GDB file, so that I can rescue as much data as I can? I really need that data.


  1. make a safety bulk *.gdb file backup. You should shutdown IBServer for that. Always make copies of the .GDB and/or backups. It can be done without shutting down the interbase server, but it's not 100% safe.
  2. There is no way to use gfix to ignore the bad page. So to get to as much data as possible: Do a metadata only backup. Restore that to a new database. Use a data pump to pump data from the damaged database to this restored database.

Alternatively, you can contact the folks at and see if they can fix the database manually.

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